26 Mar

The design and implementation of data centers becomes more integrated

The design and implementation of data centers becomes more integrated

The integration of technologies has been increasing in the data centers during the last years.

This is because operators look for integrated and modular solutions that can be implemented quickly, can be easily scaled and efficiently run. Now, this same philosophy can be applied to the implementation of data centers. The speed to reach the market is one of the main reasons why companies develop the volume of capacity for data centers today, and have found that traditional silos between the engineering and construction phases hinder the process and reduce productivity .

As a result they are adopting the keys in hand approach to the design of data centers and development that takes advantage of integrated and modular designs, off-site construction and disciplined project management. Suppliers that unite knowledge of infrastructure, design, engineering and sophisticated project management to deliver keys in hand  installations can build data centers more quickly.

Saifor offers modular design as its solutions so called CUBOX + SYSTEM: The free standing aisle containment system.

Infrastructure technologies and associated services will continue to evolve to achieve greater speed, security, flexibility and efficiency than data center operators require today, regardless of whether they manage a data center that is cloud-based or if they develop the ability to meet the demand for services in co-location or in the cloud.








Source: boletín comunicación

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