SAIFOR products have all the quality approval required in any market, this guarantees the high quality of each one of them.

For SAIFOR quality and Excellency in production and logistics are very important, that is why we have all the warranties that certify that we are a secure and reliable company.

These certifications allow us to offer contiued quality, that provides the right and perfect finishes in all our projects, no matter the size of them.

SAIFOR team committed with a high quality management and continued improvements, works every day to keep the leadership in the market.

Nowadays SAIFOR has a wide geographic reach in sales and installations resources , that is why we have employed highly qualified experts in every department who take care of every single detail of manufacturing processes always respecting the quality control politics of our company.

To satisfy every demand our company follows the next steps:

check-saifor Quality control
check-saifor Prevention and corrective measurements
check-saifor Inspection and test requirements
check-saifor Continued improvements of our products and processes
check-saifor Constant control measurements

Following every single one of these processes we are able to offer a high quality product which is manufactured to fulfil the needs of the customers.