SAIFOR logistics is synonym of quality and professionalism, that offers transport carrier all over the world.

SAIFOR has a high qualified logistic team, which works every to provide solutions to any markets not matter how demand int that market could be.

One of the biggest advantages of our group is having affiliates and distributors around the world that are strategically located in target markets, this allows us to offer a high quality logistic service in less amount of time.

Taking into account the nature of our products, it is necessary to offer a high quality logistics services , Ours guarantee the security of the product avoiding any inconvenience or defect and best of all respecting the delivery deadlines agreed with the customers, that will help to avoid delays and waste of money and time.

To guarantee the punctuality and a good service, our company follow a planning , implements it and controls all the moves of our products not, only nationwide, but also worldwide.

SAIFOR always offers the best quality logistic service in every single project, delivering not only a quality product but also punctuality and security. That is why our customers can rely in our services.