Custom design

Every Project is unique and SAIFOR design team offers customized solutions to every single client.

SAIFOR has been developing new ideas for more than 30 years, which have been providing the solutions to every project that we have worked in. We are always trying to combine quality with a precise design which satisfies the most demanding request.

One of our biggest advantages is that we offer the customers the possibility of customizing our products to fulfil their needs. Our team of experts has a wide experience in research and investigate the most advanced solution in any project, positioning ourselves ahead of time.

The combination of the creativity and the latest technologies allows us to develop new and improve solutions for Datacenters and Control rooms.

To achieve a unique design and a high quality solution our team has a working philosophy, that is to have an approach with the customers, listen and understand their ideas and starting from there transform their concept into a unique design, which will give them the solutions they are looking for.

SAIFOR transform a simple idea into the perfect solutions.