Who we are


We’re a company part of JAGUAR DE MEXICO Business Group, founded in 1997 and leader in Mexico with more than 20 years of experience in design and technological innovation.
IL&M has acquired SAIFOR with the clear and ambitious objective of continuing the business efforts and the quality of its products, bringing all of the experience and tech innovation of JAGUAR DE MEXICO Business Group.
This new business project allowed us to merge two mechanical metal factories with more than 20,000 m2, located in Barcelona and Mexico City, with more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of technological solutions for the Data Center industry, the Telecommunications sector, Specialized Furniture for control rooms, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.
Our production headquarters are located in Barcelona. We have a team of engineers in Barcelona and Mexico City, highly qualified in the design area and supported by the R + D + I department, which allows us to solve any technical and mechanical needs as well as study new ideas, leading us to be at the forefront of innovation.

Why Saifor?

Continued Growth

It is fundamental to encourage our success.
Our search for a continued growth motivate us to look for new ideas,
always trying to take the right decision today that will be a contribution for tomorrow.

Empowered People

We have got our leadership because we encourage our team making
a comfortable working place and getting the best result in less amount of time.


Responsibility is the foundation for a healthy and continued growth of our company. Our Values & Philosophy certify the company we want to be and help us to achieve business success through our team and to offer
a high quality product to our clients. Following this politic we reach Excellency.

Saifor Advantages

IL&M SAIFOR offers competitive advantages that make it one of the best in the infrastructure solutions for datacenters and control rooms sector.

State of the art technology:

Our facilities, specifically built for our operations, are equipped with cutting edge technology. Our in-house laboratory fitted with the most advanced high precision testing equipment available on the market, bears witness to our commitment to innovation, from a technology as well as a management standpoint.

Our R&D department can meet any technical needs and is constantly working on new ideas, allowing SAIFOR to remain at the forefront of technology.


IL&M SAIFOR’s main asset is its people, their experience and professional and technical skills, and their know-how. Their personal and professional development is a priority, and respecting and trusting them a basic principle.

IL&M SAIFOR products guarantee the highest quality levels, because we have a specialized designing team and a manufacturing plant of more than 12,000 sqm with the latest technological advances and a green IT policy that certify our commitment with greatness.

We know that a quality product is not enough to guarantee the market supremacy, that is why we offer other specialized services that give the client global solutions to every single request.

The additional services and support that we offer are:

check-saifor A certified installation team
check-saifor Maintenance
check-saifor Warranty
check-saifor Logistics
check-saifor Customized design
check-saifor Rendered projects