Customized Special Products

We offer our facilities, machinery and experience to make your production a reality.

Saifor-IL&M offers its production facilities and experience of those projects, which due to their special characteristics and volume, require an optimal resolution, both in time and quality.

Installations and Machinery

Our installations with automated machinery
of last generation allow to carry out any type of work.

Our facilities, specifically built for our operations, are equipped with cutting edge technology. Saifor-IL&M’s facilities carry out all our activity. They are characterized by their high technology and  they are fully automated.

Our in-house laboratory fitted with the most advanced high precision testing equipment available on the market, bears witness to our commitment to innovation, from a technology as well as a management standpoint.


The 80% of orders are custom solutions. Executions that our industry and technical capacity can face with total guarantee.

The Production Process in Saifor-IL&M can be related very directly to concepts such as reaction times, efficiency and process autonomy among others. All the production process is carried out in our facilities of more than 13,000 m2. The consequence of all this, has repercussion in the control and precision on all the development of the project.