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In accordance with Spanish Law 34/2002 regarding Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we hereby inform you that the present webpage is the property of SAIFOR, S.L.U., VAT n B59937672, registered on the Trade and Companies Register of Barcelona, vol. 21548, folio 199, page n B-24025, 1st entry n T.I.N. B 59937672.

For any queries or proposals, please contact us by email, at, or by phone, on +34 93 771 83 38+34 93 771 83 38.

SAIFOR, S.L.U. and its subsidiaries are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. SAIFOR, S.L.U. encloses the present Online Privacy Statement to inform you of our policy and practices relating to privacy, as well as the options available to you when it comes to the way in which your personal data is collected electronically and used. We have structured our website in a way that generally enables you to visit the SAIFOR, S.L.U. site without having to identify yourself or provide any personal information.

Websites subject to the present Privacy Statement
The present Privacy Statement applies to all domains and websites owned by SAIFOR, S.L.U. and all subsidiaries of SAIFOR, S.L.U..

Links to third-party websites 
SAIFOR, S.L.U. websites may provide links to third-party websites for your convenience and information. In the event of using said links, you will be directed away from the SAIFOR, S.L.U. website. These websites operate independently of SAIFOR, S.L.U., which neither has any control whatsoever over such websites nor is responsible for the content and application of their privacy practices, which may differ from those of SAIFOR, S.L.U., nor assumes any responsibility relating to third-party websites, their content, software or other products or materials you may find there , the consequences of using the latter, any processing of information they carry out, where applicable, or any results/consequences which might relate to their use. The SAIFOR, S.L.U. Privacy Statement does not cover personal data which the user decides to disclose to third parties unrelated to SAIFOR, S.L.U. Before sending any personal information to a company, SAIFOR, S.L.U. recommends that you consult the company’s privacy policy. Some companies may decide to share your personal data with SAIFOR, S.L.U. and this process will be carried out in compliance with the privacy and security policy of the company or companies in question.

The data we collect
The present Privacy Statement covers the collection of personal information and non-personal data and the drafting of reports on the information collected.

‘Personal information’ refers to any information by which we are able to identify you. SAIFOR, S.L.U. uses your personal information in order to improve its understanding of your needs and interests and provide you with a better service. Should you decide to provide us with personal information, we guarantee that it will be used exclusively in relation to your being a SAIFOR, S.L.U. customer.

Some SAIFOR, S.L.U. websites give you the option of ordering products or services, requesting information on our services and offers, registering to receive commercial or technical materials and registering your products. The type of personal information collected on such pages includes but is not limited to your name, address, telephone number, email address, login details and user passwords, contact and billing information and contact preferences.

‘Non-personal information’ refers to data relating to the use and operation of the service which is not associated with any personal identity in particular. SAIFOR, S.L.U. collects and analyses non-personal information for the purposes of assessing the way in which visitors to SAIFOR, S.L.U. websites use such sites. The data we collect can include the pages visited on SAIFOR, S.L.U. websites, URL addresses within the SAIFOR site, browser type and IP address.

How we use your data 
SAIFOR, S.L.U. uses your personal information in order to improve its understanding of your needs and interests and provide you with a better service. In practical terms, this means that we use your information to help you complete transactions or orders, to communicate with you, to provide you with up-to-date technical support and information regarding the services and their benefits and to personalize promotional offers and the SAIFOR, S.L.U. website. Likewise, we will occasionally use your data to contact you and carry out market research surveys relating to SAIFOR, S.L.U. products or services.

The personal data you provide us with via the Internet may be combined with any other information you may have disclosed to SAIFOR, S.L.U. by other means, for example when registering a product or through telephone support centres or public events such trade fairs or conferences.

Non-personal data is collected for the purposes of drafting reports relating to the ease of use, performance and efficiency of the SAIFOR, S.L.U. website and is used to improve the user experience, ease of use and content of the site.

Who we share your data with
SAIFOR, S.L.U. has not passed your data on to third parties and will not pass personal information on to other companies. SAIFOR, S.L.U. will not share your personal information with third parties unless it is necessary in order to respond to a request on your part for information regarding products or services. You will be asked for permission when submitting your data. Unless you give us your consent or it is required of us by any relevant law or authority, we will only share your personal data with other entities in the SAIFOR, S.L.U. group and/or with partner companies which are acting on our behalf exclusively for the purposes outlined in the ‘How we use your data’ section.

SAIFOR, S.L.U. gives you the opportunity to receive information which complements our products and services. You can register to receive specific information on a particular product or service or to receive commercial information on SAIFOR, S.L.U. and its products. These commercial reports can include new information regarding the product, special offers and invitations to participate in market research studies. We also give you the opportunity to choose the means by which you receive such communications, namely by post, email or phone, and we will endeavour to meet your preferences. This option applies neither to the administrative task of finalising orders, contracts, technical support, product safety warnings or controller updates nor to information relating exclusively and directly to the compliance of a previously checked service or product.

Your privacy and exclusion preferences
Services not related to subscriptions SAIFOR, S.L.U. will not use your personal information for any purpose other than those outlined at the data collection stage. Unrelated uses include the sending of advertising materials regarding special offers, product information and commercial messages. However, you may request that such advertising materials be sent to you by SAIFOR, S.L.U. at any time should you wish to receive advertisements by email by expressly informing the company of your wish. You are also entitled to exercise your right to modify, annul, rectify or oppose the information held in writing by emailing or by sending a fax to +34 937718447.

Access to and accuracy of your information 

SAIFOR, S.L.U. endeavours to keep your personal data up-to-date. We have used available technologies and observed management processes and guidelines aimed at maintaining the accuracy of customer data. We will give you access to your information and make every effort to provide you with electronic access to the information disclosed when registering on a website so that you may easily review, update or withdraw such information from said website. In order to protect your privacy and security, we will implement the necessary means to verify your identity, such as a user password and ID, before granting access to your data. Certain areas of SAIFOR, S.L.U. websites can only be accessed by certain people through the use of passwords and other personal login details.

SAIFOR, S.L.U. is committed to protecting the information you provide us with. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, maintain the accuracy of the data and ensure that the information is used appropriately, SAIFOR, S.L.U.has established a series of physical and administrative procedures designed to safeguard the information we collect.

Changes to the present Statement 
In the event of the terms of the SAIFOR, S.L.U. Electronic Privacy Statement being updated, we will publish said changes and update the review date of the present document so that you are aware of the information we collect electronically, how we use it and the options available to you at all times. In the event of material changes to the present Statement, SAIFOR, S.L.U. will inform those customers affected by said changes.

Contact us
We value your opinion. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or comments you would like to share with us regarding our privacy policy.

The present Privacy Statement applies exclusively to Spain.

Last updated: November 2010