26 Feb

Meeting and crisis room tables

Meeting and crisis room tables

There are many considerations to make when designing the physical control room for dealing with emergencies: Discussion space

Each control room should include a space for group discussion and decision-making so that top level decisions can be made from the information derived by the team. It is possible that very lengthy debate will be necessary so the key to this room is to create not just privacy but comfort, which includes easy access to food and drink as well as consideration of all the physical environment factors addressed above.

The right decisions in the right tables: SAIFOR is capable of creating the most impressive custom-made solution to any meeting or crisis room. There are no limits in the design of room or in the design of the suitable tables which fulfil the operational needs of these spaces.


While internet access is likely to be important for this particular group activity in emergencies, the room should not be set up with individual monitors only that impede discussion. In contrast information sharing tools such 
as a large monitor and whiteboard are important for supporting people undertaking this kind of task. It should be remembered that the key goal of decision-makers at times of crisis is to consider information rather than to derive it, so the room and equipment should be set up to facilitate this.

Saifor integrates a smart system solutions, that provide in a single installation data and power connections and all the possibilities of interconnecting different computers.

The connectivity bar facilitates the equipment installation, it has an smart wiring system which comes with a central equipment cabinet located under the board or with a simple design that includes a board with central and lateral feet support, a cable duck channel and connectivity bar.

The modern and precise design of the structure allows the cabling to be channeled through it, both horizontally and vertically, facilitating access to the equipment installation and maintenance services. Within this structure are located data and electricy connections.

The design of the structure provides strength, stability and functionality for the cabling system.
The base protects the equipment. The avant-garde design includes top covers which cover the entrance of the electrical and data points providing a modern and aesthetic style to the room.

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