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New Technology Advances in control room & meeting room

New Technology Advances in control room & meeting room

These days, no self-respecting website designer creates sites without taking mobile devices into consideration. The same could—or should—be said for those charged with designing control rooms;

While the main control hub may continue to exist within four walls, those barriers are somewhat fluid as session participants dial in and out using any number of devices.

The challenge: enabling your control room to be truly agile while remaining within your organization’s security requirements.

Technology trends, such as the growth of wearables and the development of tablets as useful work tools, will continue to influence design. The launch of products such as the iPad Pro and Windows Surface Pro show the ability for tablets to replace laptops and allow employees to become increasingly mobile. We already said that with a more flexible workspace and adaptable furniture, new technologies can be integrated with ease. According to a study from YouGov, 50% of businesses are uncertain about their ability to keep up with technological advances. Thus, companies need spaces and furniture that can adapt to new equipment.

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