15 Mar

Environment Control

Environment Control

Our consoles give durability, stain and fire resistance, moisture barrier fabrics and perfect viewing angles.

Quality and Security

In SAIFOR we believe that any working space needs to be flexible enough to support any work load and also be suitable to the changing technology needs. Our technology innovations are scalable flexible and high performance, which allow using and renewing any space adapting every solution that will consistently perform.

The accuracy of our technical furniture give the operators the right tools to work more effectively. Our range of products goes from room personalized storages to multi-functional furniture, height-adjustable tables to modular one, mobile and storage systems. All these solutions are specially designed to give the perfect solution that a working environment need.

Nowadays the control room need to do more with the space, which are more reduced and that demand to have precise, flexible and ergonomic furniture, that is why the client look for qualified, knowledgeable manufacturer that offers the suitable solutions to each project.
SAIFOR has been manufacturing control room solutions for more than 30 years, so it has the necessary knowledge to offer quality solutions. From design and installation to project or facility management, we can help create and maintain the high performance control room you envision.

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