Raised Floor

Secure your installation on the best base

SAIFOR Raised floors are modular solutions that give flexibility, space, functionality, always taking care of the aesthetic in the working infrastructure.


SAIFOR Raised floor has a custom design, which is formed by a truss structure that brings lightness; this structure is formed by tubular steel pipe supports forming a net separated into two perpendicular directions and fixed with anchors.

All tubes used in this structure are treated by electrocoating, which protects them from corrosion and provides greater mechanical performance.

The structure supports a pavement tile encapsulated in a high-strength steel plate on top and pre-perforated sheet at the bottom for the electrocoating process each line negative or positive of the undulating interior, perimetric topping frame with a U form double sheet welded to the core giving strength and resistance to stripping.

SAIFOR raised floor also has an expansion joint that absorbs any dimensional changes of temperature giving flexibility to the structure that avoid the rest of the components to suffer wear due from the use and a bracing system formed by a cold-rolled steel which forms a rigid and lightweight structure with different areas of reinforcement of different thickness and layering.

Finish edges

The edge finishes system is adapted to the distance between the structure and the wall avoiding a distance of nearly a tile to topping frame of the non-structural wall area.

The wall finishes system is waterproof for the Plenum area and avoids any horizontal displacement of the tile, this system has an L form support fixed to the wall by different screw connection points.

Access Door to equipment areas with PER incorporates solutions that hold up the adjacent tile correctly and avoid a horizontal displacement.

For column finishes an L solution is used to support the cold-rolled and continuous steel structure with a steel top to mark the final position of the tile avoiding the incorporation of feet.

Air grilles


These grilles are used in the assembly of raised floor in a CPD room. They are made with steel sheets and extruded aluminium slats and mechanized with a unique beam which gives the grilles the right load capacity and also allow the air to pass with the minimum friction optimising the static load that has to be generated by the cooling equipment.

The upper part of the grilles are specially configured (0%, 50%; 100%) to a proper sealing of the plenum once you proceed to use them.

PER SAIFOR is one of the most resistant raised floors in the market, because it support the maximum allowed load certified by EN-12825:2002.

Specifications for raised floor

Sheet plate and pipe technical

check-saifor For steel plate 4 and 5 mm thick, pickled DD11 specification.
check-saiforFor steel plate thicknesses below, specification DC01.
check-saiforFor steel pipes 3 and 5 mm thick, Specification S-275-JRH
check-saiforFor steel pipe thickness lower specification S-235-JRH