Aisle Containment Systems

This is a modular and scalable system that physically isolates the cold and hot aisles in order to increase energy efficiency intended for cooling

Solución Saifor Centro Procesamiento de Datos (CPDs): Sistema de cerramiento de Pasillos. Saifr's Data center solution: aisle system management.

The datacenters need to have constant measurements, optimize their operational processes and have them controlled to be able to face the energy consumption challenge.

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Why The Cubo Solutions?

With SAIFOR’s CUBO solutions we create the containment defining thermal aisles, avoiding the mixture between the hot and cold air, this optimizes the datacenter functions and provides operational and energy savings.

Measure the datacenter energy, be efficient.

The energy consumption has to be controlled, that is why constant measurement should be taken that allow us checking the operational efficiency of the infrastructure and the equipments.

We can only control and improve the things that we can measure, that is why we have to check the equipments and infrastructure energy consumptions values constantly, comparing them with the one taken before, this will allow us to prove the efficiency and to be able to apply the necessary actions.

One way to optimize the consumption and have a perfect energy distribution is by using our intelligent PDUs with Sentry energy Management System.

Doors Systems

SAIFOR offers a wide range of doors designed to complement
and optimize the CUBO closed containment solutions.

• Automatic opening and closing.
• Security access by key, card, keypad, fingerprint, etc…
• Complete visibility from inside out.
• Reduce installation space
• Possible to be connected with the infrastructure BMS.
• Easy installation and maintenance

• A Semi-automatic closing system with position opening lock.
• Security access by key, card, keypad, fingerprint, etc…
• High airflows control.
• Reduce installation space.
• Remote access to the containment.
• Easy installation and maintenance.

• Door opening activate by emergency incidences or alarms.
• Security access by key, card, keypad, fingerprint, etc…
• High airflows control.
• Reduce installation space.
• Possible to be connected with the infrastructure BMS.
• Remote accesses to the containment.
• Easy installation and maintenance.

• Manual hinged doors for reduced spaces where it is not
possible to install a double sliding door.
• It is usually fixed on a wall or on the side of the rack.

Roof System

Standard Roof Systems

Panel roof system, modular and scalable, which allows an optimal control of the airflows inside the aisle, avoiding the mixing of the hot and cold air. This system allows sensors, detectors, alarms or extinction system inside the aisle. Available for different aisle widths. Adaptable to be used in retrofitting projects.

Emergency Roof Panels Opening System

This system is completely automatic; it is activated in case of incidences inside the datacenter. In case of emergency the panels open automatically allowing the pass of the water or gas inside the containment. This solution it is not necessary to modify the sprinklers extinction systems inside the datacenter.

This system incorporates an electromagnetic lock that allows connecting directly with the infrastructure BMS system, activating automatically when there is an incidence. The central section of this roof system has a deflection design that opens the panels 105° allowing the water and gas to get into the containment, making easier to clean and maintenance the panels, because when they are open there is a total access to the roof. The roof also includes a longitudinal and transverse cable duct to manage the cabling between aisles. This system is combined with SAIFOR automatic doors opening solutions, is the perfect solution to face any possible incidence in the datacenter. Available for different aisle widths. Adaptable to any retrofit project.  Patented Product No.201230191


Roof System With Cable Duct

With the same characteristic as the previous one, this system includes a longitudinal and transverse duct system, which improves the right cabling between the aisles in the containment. The access to the cabling can be done from inside of the aisle o from the top of containment, facilitating the maintenance tasks in the datacenter


check-saiforModular and scalable system.

check-saiforEasy to install and maintenance.

check-saiforComplete closing of the aisle, avoiding airflows losses or the unwanted mixture of air.

check-saiforThe panels are adapted to the length and width of the installation.

check-saiforMultiple configuration modules that combine the width of the panels with the width of the racks.

check-saiforTransverse and longitudinal cable duct management options for Roofs.

check-saiforActive (automatic opening) or passive roof systems (fixed).

check-saiforAllow extracting one or more racks without dismounting the structure.

check-saiforCombined with SAIFOR’s automatic doors opening system, allow that in case of emergency the opening of them will be at the same time as the roof panels.

check-saiforAdmit the installation of different security systems like sensors, detectors, alarms, etc…

check-saiforElectromagnetic closing that allows a direct communication with the BMS or the alarm system to activate the system.

Cable management

Modular and scalable system, which allows the communication of the infrastructure cabling with the CUBO system. Facilitating the expansion of the cable in an easy way.

These upper ducts have been designed to support high
density of cabling, installing two different modules,
improving the management of great amount of cables or
separating the data and energy cabling.

The transverse and longitudinal configurations, improve
the communication of cabling between the row of racks
and the different aisles of the installation.

They also incorporate a communication system specially
designed for the access of cabling to the racks, once
they are in, they can be guided through a vertical duct
system specially manufactured for SAIFOR’s racks.

Their design allows that they can be installed in the
production plant reducing drastically the installation
costs in the infrastructure.

A wide range of accessories is available for this system,
being adaptable to any infrastructure in the room.
Adaptable to retrofitting project.


The free standing aisle containment system.

Saifor proudly presents “CUBOX PLUS SYSTEM” CPS, the solution for those data centers where flexibility, prevision and profitability are a prerequisite;

CPS where flexibility and profitability go hand in hand. It allows to add new racks of different sizes, measures and even from different manufacturers.

The CPS is an ultra-modular and cost-efficient, free standing aisle containment system. lt offers the possibility of adding racks according to the customer needs keeping options for separating warm and cold air flows in an energy efficient manner, which allows monitoring investment in racks according to demand and need over time.

on that minimizes the initial investment costs (CAPEX).


CUBOX PLUS SYSTEM offers the same energy efficiency as a traditional thermal aisle containment system.

CPS is made from an ingenious aluminum support structure, highly modular and flexible, which allows to create any configuration.

Aisle containment doors and roof system are the same as those used in a traditional CUBO closed system and with all its variants: sliding doors; manual or automatic, system roofs; fixed or folding (emergency), central lighting, placement areas for sensors and wiring.

Racks of different types, heights, widths and depths can be incorporated into the CPS structure, therefore clients have the freedom to customize the system depending on their needs.

CUBOX PLUS SYSTEM is the growing continent of your data center, a flexible, cost-effective and the definitive solution that minimizes the initial investment costs (CAPEX).

Soluciones Retrofit

The retrofit solutions try to reduce the energy consumed by cooling, raising the temperature in the room, and at same time to prolong the useful life of the equipments together with a reduction of maintenance costs. In order to get this, the main solution is the physical separation of the hot and cold air.

SAIFOR offers a highly modular system, with a high degree of customization that allows closing the hot and cold aisles, even with products that are not from SAIFOR, and without interrupting the regular performance of the datacenter.


Knowing that every retrofitting project is unique, SAIFOR has a highly qualified team with a wide experience in custom-made retrofitting to get the maximum efficient of the existing installation, foreseen a future expansion and adjust the budget to the maximum.

One of the advantages of SAIFOR as a manufacturer with engineering, a production plant and its own product, is the guarantee to a good performance, because we ensure the perfect integration of our solutions, combined with CUBO solutions, our highly precise cooling units to those facilities where high density is required, and also the cable management solutions and power cabling.


check-saiforImprove the electrical equipment. With the installation of new equipments, we will obtain two great advantages: less energy loss and less heat to eliminate. The efficiency that we reach will depend of the time of use of the old equipments and the efficiency can go from 10-60% of the annual turnover.

check-saiforOptimize the cooling solutions. This recommendation is the best option to minimize annual costs in the datacenter, with small changes it is possible to get a 40% costs deduction from cooling. For those servers which need direct cooling, the best way is to put the cooling close to the hot spot and avoid the mixture between the hot and cold air.

check-saiforOptimize the airflow systems, which are passives by nature, to control them we have to avoid the mixture between the airflows using technology solutions with variable speed fans, like HDC and MDC cooling units from SAIFOR.

check-saiforRefrigerate, in some cases having an optimized structure allows that one or more CRAC can be turned off completely o can be in stand by mode.

check-saiforWhile doing retrofitting, 100% of the operation of the equipment is kept, the energy consumption is reduced, the ROI is improved and the efficiency is optimised in the datacenter.