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Widestar 24/7

Regulates your ergonomics

Widestar 24×7 is created to cover the necessities of companies that have a constant load of work 365x24x7. The adjustable sit/stand height enables to change position (sitting or standing) without leaving your workstation.


Its versatility allows regulating each working space according to the operators’ needs. Widestar 24×7 is thought for technical areas, where 24×7 routines management is required, such as:
Rail Operations Centers Traffic Control Room Air Navigation Facilities Crisis rooms
Command Posts
Other Critical Operations Control Environment

Colors: No_limits

The boards can be customized by using different colors and materials.


It can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and textures. The components are painted with a powder coated texture.

Main Estructure

It is formed by the union of four horizontal columns and two metal side frames. On the front it has a compact phenolic panel and it is manufactured in two different widths 1200mm and 1500mm .
It also includes on the upper part two metal pieces, one of them to hold the cable chain holder of the lifting column and the other one a phenolic panel which includes ventilation slots and to complete the structure, it has two doors fitted at the rear to access and maintenace the equipment installed in the console.

Wide Conectivity

It is done through a 70×50 anodized aluminium duct,

which is prepared to install 45×45 universal data, voice, power and multimedia connectors complying with the necessities of each one of the operators. This standard aluminium duct is fitted under the upper board and the access is through a hinged lid with a soft opening system. For those area where extra connectivity is needed, Widestar 24×7 offers the possibility of installing customized profile of 570 and 770 mm mounted inside the structure to fit PDUs.

Wide Storage

Wide working, storage and connections space. It has a space capacity to make the power connections, data, telephone, etc … of the elements that need it and the auxiliary elements that will make up the control system. Internal wardrobe to keep safe and hold equipment.

The design of the console includes 80mm minimum distance between boards, to avoid possible clamp-crush with the lifting structure, considering this distance safe enough, but taking into account that the maintenance of this furniture has to be performed by a professional.

Wide Flexibility

It is one of the most modern consoles in the market, whose structural characteristics allow multiple forms of configurations to adapt the console to the room.

In case of breakdown , the entire mechanism of the lifting columns can be replaced for a new one without dismounting the board, this helps to avoid interrupting the operator’s work.



This console has a ventilation system installed in the structure, the heat generated by the equipment is dissipated through grids located on the upper part of the console. It is also possible to install a forced ventilation unit with 4 fans that guarantees an airflow regulated by a thermostat in order to get the right temperature for the equipment.

Advantages and Special Details

To create Widestar 24/7 we took into account aesthetic and functionality.

Sit/stand mechanism: Our body is meant to move, using Widestar 24/7 you will be able to move in a natural way.  It has a sit/stand mechanism designed to provide the users the possibility of changing positions without interrupting their work.

The use of fine mechanisms like the Soft-close system used for doors and for the upper lid on top of the board, which provides easy opening and closing, smooth movement completely noiseless .

The lifting columns system that has a braking mechanism to have a gentle board regulation, it is used a remote control with a display that shows any failure during the lifting.

Logo: Widestar 24×7 can be customized with the client logo or corporate image, the logos are located on both side of the console.

Interior cabinet: Having a cabinet in the structure allows the operators to have a perfect and individual control of the equipment.  The configuration of this cabinet allows and easy access to the equipments for fitting and maintenance.


All LED accessories work with 12 volts and direct current.

The lighting is done by 3M type adhesive bands and a metallic structure to facilitate the generated hot air.

Another thing that provides modernism and aesthetic to the console is the cordless RGB controller to regulate the LED lights, changing its colours and intensity.

The installation of a lighting system in the ducts, which is activated when the upper lid is opened, providing a clear view of the cabling and the connectivity bar.

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    WIDESTAR 24/7