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The column that controls the World.

Specially designed to fullfill the needs in a Control Room, where a constant supervision is necessary, offering the operator the possibility to adjust the height of the table changing position at any time.

Colors: No_limits

The boards can be customized by using different colors and materials

It can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and textures. The components are painted with a powder coated texture.

Mechanics and design
at the service of ergonomics


Lift star Console is designed with an automatic sit/ stand mechanism, the shape of its foot structure provides an ergonomic space that allows the user to move freely, on top of the structure there is an ergonomic and durable desktop that can be regulated to provide comfort and ergonomic to the users.



A Modular and flexible structure made of steel with a column that ends on curvy foot, its design was thought to give the user a suitable space that allows moving freely while working.



Adjustable console for 24/7 surveillance and security applications, which offers an ergonomic design to improve the operator’s position in working environments where the supervision is constant and force the operators to stay in their position for long periods of time.

The adjustable sit/stand height enables to change position (sitting or standing) without leaving your workstation.

Inside the structure there is a mechanical lifting column that has a compact and clean design, with a mechanism that stand out for supporting bending moments and important torques without losing its guided accuracy.

A Wide Working Surface

Designed to support heavy work load, it is made of phenolic which provides resistance and an aesthetic aspect to the console.

Plenty of room for cables switches and power supplies in a well dimensioned desk tray. This tray has a cover at the rear, includes a brush strip for dust protected and concealed cabling.

your led


On each side of the board there is a LED logo kit specially designed to customize the console with the company name or corporate image, it can be manufactured in any colour to harmonize with the environment.

Advantages, Ergonomics and flexibility


Its design allows avoiding muscular problems.
Helps with blood circulation and improve health.
Minimize fatigue and human error.
Improve the operator’s performance and productivity.
Optimize the operation of the room because the operators can change position while working without interrupting their work.
Very easy to use, with push button controls.
Very low power consumption.

Cable system management

Smart fastening e-chain.


In the rear part of the column, it has a zip fastening e-chain to distribute and organize the cabling that comes from the equipment, which is installed in the equipment cabinet, to the bottom of the console placing them under the raised floor in a hidden an aesthetic way.

This chain system reduces the assembly time, it has a quick opening to install or uninstall the cabling or give it maintenance. It has low noise and smooth operation with a wide interior separation to manage a great amount of cables.

Equipment storage

Inside its structure at the rear part of the console, there is an equipment cabinet that includes two doors with an easy access system for installing or maintenance the equipment. On top of the column at the rear there is an equipment cabinet; it is specially thought to house the equipment that will be used by the operator.

At the rear part of the console there is a lower tray that includes slots to install monitor arms, providing the users the perfect viewing angles and the right control of the monitors.

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