Designing the ideal ergonomic workspace.

Our ATC console has a precise design with a structure designed to achieve perfect control over work equipment and viewing angles. It offers two configurations, with the fixed and adjustable worktop so that the operator changes position while working.

Total Control

The structure and ergonomic features of the ATC console provide a complete control of all necessary viewing angles in a mission critical environment.

Designed for demanding environments

ATC is a console designed to be applied in specific environments, such as air traffic control. This console offers drivers the perfect ergonomic tools and features necessary to master a demanding environment.


A height adjustable console

Consoles for radar rooms, control towers and aeronautical simulation. Saifor has accumulated extensive experience in this field, with the support of numerous projects in different countries around the world.

The countertop includes a pair of adjustable electric lift columns and the remote control.

Saifor TFT assemblies allow an obstacle-free workspace. Easy to adjust in height and position, it contributes to the creation of an ergonomic workstation.

Design Advantages

check-saiforPanel equipment capacity from 4U to 24U

check-saiforMultiple modular configurations

check-saiforMaximum comfort for operators

check-saiforStrength and durability

check-saifor19 ” mobile cabinet

check-saiforLids and brushes facilitate access to wiring

check-saiforInternal conductors for wiring

check-saiforVentilation zone

check-saiforFixed or adjustable workspace

ATC Models

Our models are ATC 260 and ATC 560, both with an adjustable version, this version includes a pair of lifting columns and the electronic remote control for its control, which ensures that the operator always maintains a completely ergonomic position while doing his job.
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