Auxiliary furniture

We dress your environment, as you feel as your home.

SAIFOR offers a wide range of complimentary furniture, which allows providing all the necessary solutions in a reduced environment and with a great work load: bucks, racks and complements.


More space, more design, less clutter.

Having enough storage space is necessary in any working environment and SAIFOR has created a wide range of cabinets.

Innovative and state-of-the-art design that provide efficient storage to the control room and emphasise the environment’s aesthetics.

Each one of our cabinets allow organizing materials and equipments, getting to the user a fast access to the work materials.

Main features of our cabinets are: flexibility, functionality and space optimization

Saifor’s storage offers the space necessary to be completely organized.

Bucs & Racks

Each thing in its place, and each place perfect.

Saifor’s auxiliary furniture allows an optimize space and a bigger organization of the work area.

The bucks are a storage system which offers different configurations suitable to the specific needs of the environment that can be individually configured for one operator or multiple configured for several operators which need a lot of storage.

Our bucks have a flexible, versatile and evolved design, which are specially made to complement and optimise the space, because divide, storage, file and best of all organise the space.

These complements offer enough efficient and functional space to the operators.

Complementary furniture that allows placing equipments, having and intelligent cable management, easy access, installation and maintenance and that could be upgraded with the latest technological advances in the market.

Every Saifor console offers the possibility of installing 19″ equipments inside them, provinding a storage space suitable to the depth and height of the equipment that will be used by the operator.

This storage system can be a rack, which is located under the console or for example in the Widestar console there is an equipment box where it is specially designed to place a 19″ rack inside it.


All that you miss, we have it.

SAIFOR offers solutions which facilitate an efficient communication in the customers services areas. This furniture has an ergonomic and modular design which adapts easily to the area.

SAIFOR reception counters have a highly durable structure with metal finishes combined with multiple options of boards, which can be customized; provide the aesthetic and flexibility requested in these areas.