Adjustable & ergonomic

Your back in the best hands

SAIFOR offers the perfect seat to work, which includes a refined design with clean and simple lines and multiple regulation options, easy use of lumbar and side tension system providing the user the necessary and ergonomic support. Its features provide comfort and functionality to 24/7 operation room.

Adjustable & ergonomic

It is essential that the chair fits perfectly to the person, as more adjustable chair, much better. You should do it in the simplest and most natural way possible. That’s why it’s important to find a chair that offers the right combination of support features to suit your needs.

If you are deciding between a model that offers the possibility of adjusting the lumbar area of the backrest and another one that does not give this option, opts for the one that offers more options of regulation. The height of the seat must be adjustable to fit the height of the person who will use it, allowing his/her feet to be perfectly flat on the floor and thighs remain horizontal at an angle of 90º and 110º with the human trunk.

The pioneering companies of the sector, we have a team of specialists in the design and the ergonomy that study the needs and the characteristics of the users to create the best possible chair. Anthropometric studies (study of human measurements) of individuals are the basis of good design. Firms that do not have teams dedicated to study and development, simply copying (usually with little success) without understanding, what others have developed, can bring a lot of health problems.

Ergonomic featuress

Adjustable Height

The feet should rest comfortably on the floor or supported on a foot support. The knees should be at a equal height or slightly lower than the hips, so the design of our ergonomic seat allows the operator to adjust the height of the chair avoiding unhealthy postures, poor circulation or muscle aches.

Armchair Length

Our ergonomic seat allows you to have between 6-9cm between the back of the legs and the seat, allowing the knees to bend naturally. These characteristics avoid points of pressure and discomfort in the legs.

Adjustable arms

The ergonomic seat arms allow adjustment to reach elbow height, keeping them relaxed.
This system of height adjustment of the armrests prevent poor circulation and fatigue.

Lumbar support

Adjusting the lumbar support and curve of the seat back draws the natural position of the back, avoiding to feel too arched or uncomfortable, since the backrest provides the correct support of the lower back.

Adjustment of the armchair and the backrest

Adjust both the seat and the backup angles to support the daily workload. The chair is designed to provide correct posture when working with the keyboard. Tilting and reclining chairs include a tensioner that allows you to maintain proper posture, minimizing back and fatigue problems.


SAIFOR offers ergonomic seating with a modern design and one of the most comfortable seats in the world. We currently have two series; The IC2 and the CXO series.