29 Aug

Control Room Design at the service of the operator

Control Room Design at the service of the operator

One of the most important factors in the design of the 24/7 operations center is the operator.

Technological requirements should not condition the design of the operating room. A more effective approach is to focus on the needs of operators. What tools do they need? What are their vision? How does design influence the speed with which they can respond to problems?

The control room is not about data or information. These are people who are managing information and analyzing data. Understanding what design can bring and creating solutions for control room needs in any industry is essential to achieve a maximum level of efficiency.

If the control room lacks ergonomic aspects that enhance the physical comfort and comfort of the operator, it can increase fatigue and reduce operator productivity. If technology does not focus on the needs of its functions, it can increase frustration and reduce job satisfaction. If the workflow is incorrect, it can increase errors and reduce decision making.

Saifor has been offering solutions to all these aspects for more than 30 years. We made tailored suits that combine productivity and welfare in the most demanding work environments: We offer a wide range of consoles that for their structure and ergonomic features provide complete control of all required viewing angles in a mission-critical environment.

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